How Does Curiosity Affect Your Writing?

 Curiosity,  a Great Writers’ Motivation
By Rita Robinson

“Is the dog friendly?”

The young man holding the dog’s leash grinned, prominent dimples on his round, tanned face. “Oh, yes,” he loves people.”

“May I pet him?”

“Oh, yes,” he’ll love that. He’s a great dog.”

I dug my fingers into the chow-chow’s white, hand-length fur, massaging it back and around to its neck where the thick fur could hardly be penetrated. He appeared to enjoy it as much I did. “What a beautiful dog.”

“I spend a half-hour every day brushing him.”  Again, the dimples.

Continuing on the trail in the Southern California mountain community where I live, I thought about how curious I had been to know what that fur felt like. It was thicker than, and not as soft as imagined, and cool for such a warm day.

When I was asked to post an article for LinkedIn on #IfIWere22, I thought of that white furry dog, and knew that curiosity satisfies a spark that has needled me throughout life. I suspect I’m not alone in the early pursuit of who, what, when, where, how, and why.

“Quit staring at those people, Rita Sue.” A mother’s lament. “Don’t ask some stupid question to get anyone stirred up.” A sister’s plea.  “Quit asking why, why why?”

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