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Rita Robinson’s books are available on by clicking into the graphics above  Some can be found in bookstores, and other sites that carry books. The eclectic writing stemmed from an early interest in studying palm reading, and later, as a full-time reporter with specialties in health/psychology. Einstein’s admonition to “question everything,” also played a large role in writing and a love for research.

Robinson didn’t begin writing books until she quit working for newspapers, the last one being in the Los Angeles, California area. Her freelance writing, however, began prior to working as a reporter  after taking a creative writing class in her early thirties at a local community college. Although she has had many short fiction stories publishes, both for adults and children, her books, so far, are all non-fiction.

She is currently working on a fiction book, A LIfe in Fire, and a non-fiction one  to encourage older adults to tell their stories and get them published, with another book, Tell it Now: Why Take it to the Grave? with her agent.