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Thanks for all your help in jumpstarting my novel, when it most needed it. Ann W. Jarvie, author of Soul Retrieval to be published in spring of 2015.

My life is better today because of Rita Robinson. Never would I have finished my memoir, “Stolen Water, Forgotten Liberties,” without consulting with her and learning from her. Many times while working on this story, I’d send her a chapter to review and I’d feel like a retarded first grader. Even though, she magically and factually told me the good and the bad and how to move forward. She always knew the exact thing to say that would make me dig deeper. I can’t tell you how many times she made me cry, but along with those times came the wisdom and insight to move me forward. She even told me once I could quit, BUT she didn’t think I’d be happy until I told my story. I’ll always be and feel indebted for her work, talent, and above all, heart. The woman has some heart….. —Jenny Barnes Butler   November 4, 2014–posted also on Rita’s LinkedIn website.

Paula Toth:-marketing class 2/13/14: “Best wishes to my first instructor. I’m doing six blogs a week now for pay!”

Rita, I want to thank you for the part you played in helping me move forward with my book.  It is now published and is a success. I have had many book signings and many more planned.  Reviewers claim it is a “must read.” The Dementia Dance was published by WinePress and can be found on  Thanks again. Rosemary Barkes

I have been very busy this past year, polishing my A Hard Place, the first book in the Rebecca Bolton Trilogy. I am entering the November Novel Writing Challenge and hope to have my second book in rough draft by Dec. 1. But the reason I am writing (besides saying again Thank You!! for nurturing my writing along!!!!) is to tell you that I attended the Women Writing the West Conference in Albuquerque this past weekend and pitched my Trilogy to an agent——who asked for my first two chapters. So my odyssey has taken another turn. I know this may be the first of many attempts to get it out their–but I was so encouraged by her response to my elevator pitch. She said WOW. And as we parted she told me she was excited about my project. Cindy Kessler 

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. It was the kick I needed to start the submission process and get me headed on refining pieces I already had started and ideas for new ones. You provided excellent resources, most of which I wasn’t even aware of. More than that, your life as a writer, specifically a published one who obviously knows her way around, was an inspiration and something to strive for. I’ve appreciated learning from your experience and your honesty. Thank you very much! Kelly Roberts

“You’re the best teacher on the block! I wouldn’t be writing if you had not believed in me. Your class was a major turning point in my life.”  Aging Abundantly     Dorothy Sander

Thank you for several things: for your always helpful encouragement. For your clear instruction in your lectures. For sharing your knowledge without hesitation. For real guidance that brought me through the considerable fog of publishing. Barbarann Ayars

I admit that I was skeptical about the value of an online course, but you have made me an enthusiastic convert! I really appreciate the incisive and detailed suggestions, and your investment of time in each of our projects and aspirations. Your critiques were immensely helpful to me. They were to the point, done with kindness, and followed by useful suggestions for improvement. This takes time to do well, and you invested the time, and produced great results. You Rock!  Phil Hanson:

I remember your online class and your encouragement fondly and am thrilled to share my progress with you. I am a regular contributor to Oakland and Alameda Magazines (with over a dozen articles so far). The editor shares my enthusiasm for pieces on the intersection of food and culture.  And the East Bay is so rich in ethnic food that I will never run out of ideas. Anna Mindness: East Bay Ethnic Eats

I have learned more about writing in this writing and the marketing class than I have learned in nearly a lifetime of writing. Greta Gunselman/AKA Ana Kenley: Twitter; and on Facebook: Ana Kenley

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