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To be a successful, paid writer means “getting your stuff out there.

Three Wild Spanish Mustangs in South Dakota

Three Wild Spanish Mustangs in South Dakota


 Writing the Memoir 102 , begins 06/29/2017 – 09/21/2017

This course focuses on writing and critiquing, with five three-week sessions. At the beginning of each session, you will submit 7,000 words (approximately 28 manuscript pages) to the instructor for review and for group critique. There will be no lectures, reading assignments or exercises for this workshop, but we’ll give you plenty of tips and reminders along the way. Because you will be expected to submit your work at the beginning of each session, you should have your first 7,000-word submission AND a short synopsis of your book (500 to 750 words maximum) prepared prior to the class start date.



To be a successful paid writer means “getting your stuff out there.”

Essentials of Marketing Magazine Articles and Short Stories begins 2/23/2017 and ends 3/30/2017 with five weekly sessions loaded with useful information on how to sell what you write. This private class works through email, with open Q&A, and contact and sharing with other students. The marketing class has been ongoing twice yearly for seven years.

The types of articles and stories that can be sold today offers greater variety than ever before, with more venues in need of writers.  Each magazine and other entity needing articles and stories wants different types of material, so learning about guidelines is essential. Guidelines involve bylines, kill fees, what rights the outfit buys, payment differences, types of articles and stories each magazine wants, length,  circulation figures, lead times, whether they want clips or not, and other important small things that can make or break a sale.

The class covers:

  • Selling to traditional print magazines, including those that also print online.
  • Selling to online-only publications.
  • Dig for offbeat magazines, hungry for articles.
  • How to tread carefully through associated content sites.
  • Posting and selling articles through Amazon’s Kindle.
  • What rights to sell, and how, including foreign and reprints.
  • Protecting your manuscripts.
  • Working with contracts.
  • Writing queries or cover letters.
  • Manuscript format.
  • Website links to hundreds of magazines and their guidelines.
  • Tapping the right markets for your particular types of articles and stories.
  • Overcoming rejections and procrastination.
  • Links to help make you a savvy writer and marketer.
  • How to get social and linkup with other writers to boost your marketing.
  • Class includes five lectures loaded with information, and five short assignments.

Cost is $110 U.S., by check to Rita Robinson, P.O. Box 68,
Fawnskin CA, 92333, or PayPal.  Contact me   for more information, before the class begins.